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Spoken Word, Music and Slam Poetry

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

On Friday, October 1, 2021, the George Floyd Memorial Center (GFMC) hosted its first fundraising event. What started as an idea to bring together poets, spoken word artists, and singers sharing hope to help build the center and fund programs turned into a night of uplifting the people. Not only for those in attendance but the hundreds viewing on live stream, as well. The death of George Floyd occurred a little over 16 months ago. However, the feelings of inequality and unfair treatment of minorities still reign in our society. This night of reflection helped spearhead intentional thoughts and feelings of change.

The words spoken relayed a sentiment of hope. There were reminders of ancestors who survived the middle passage and gave birth to those whose strength and tenacity let us know we are resilient people. There were songs rendered that delivered soothing tones as listeners were moved with rhythmic cadences and melodic overtures.

The George Floyd Memorial center was organized to help change communities of lack to communities of opportunity. The event on October 1 was titled Meditation of a Powerful Legacy: George Floyd. The artists delivered quality, powerful content that brought excitement, pride, and tears of joy and pain. The post-event comments ranged from “this was more than I expected” to “when can I purchase my ticket for the next event?”

Many thanks go out to the GFMC volunteers committed to the vision and mission of being a change agent. Their efforts truly made this event a success. We look forward to the next gathering as we stay safe, keep the faith, and continue working to turn a tragedy into a triumph.

Thomas McLaurin/Roger Floyd

Co-Founders GFMC


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