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George Floyd’s Death Six Months Later

November 25, 2020 marked the sixth month anniversary of the death of 46-year-old George Floyd. For eight minutes and forty-six seconds, Minneapolis, MN police officer Derek Chauvin held a handcuffed Floyd down by placing his knee on Floyd’s neck. When Chauvin finally got up from his kneeling position, Floyd was unconscious and later pronounced dead.

When the news of George’s death reached his family in his birth state of North Carolina, the initial reaction was shock and confusion. Six months after the fact, there is still pain. But the sentiment now revolves around the family’s faith in God and his death representing a sacrifice that got the world buzzing. None of us knew that George’s name would be known around the world. Nor did we have any idea that his death would spark numerous protests for justice in every corner of the earth. The family views this now as an opportunity to further the message that all lives matter only if the world recognizes that Black Lives Matter. The mistreatment of blacks in America has gone on far too long. George Floyd is not the first to die at the hands of police officers misrepresenting their duty to protect and serve. The filming of his death and the subsequent viewing of the posted video brought significant attention to the glaring need for reform and changes in the way many have been treated by the police.

The Floyd Family has created The George Floyd Memorial Center. The GFMC’s location will be the capital city of Raleigh, NC. The aim of the center is to be a catalyst for change, a beacon of light, and a compass directing individuals towards coming together instead of harboring ideas and feelings that tear us apart. The nonprofit organization plans to build a physical structure by the year 2022. The strategic location of Raleigh’s airport, interstate highway system, and tourist attractions will allow visitors easy access to this important and significant venue.

The initial phase of the GFMC will feature virtual programming that will engage visitors near and far. Our primary focus will be on youth development in the areas of personal, academic, and artistic growth. George Floyd spent time giving back to those in need. That legacy must live on. Even those who may have had run-ins with law enforcement will find a place of fostering and cultivation to help them reemerge back into society. The Floyd Family plans to keep the name George Floyd alive and relevant long after his death by giving back and making a difference in the lives touched by his passing.

For more information on The George Floyd Memorial Center, visit us at

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